A carefully curated collection of artisan & specialty made small batch products.
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Inspired by women. Handcrafted by women. Uplifting all women.

We are searching the country to curate an exciting collection of high-quality handcrafted products to improve your self-care and self-love routine. To ensure our products align with our brand goals, we are taking our time locating the finest products to offer you - our muse.  

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Our Mission

Our mission at Nourish + Soul is encouraging self-love & self-compassion through the intentional practice of self-care with understanding, trust and thoughtfulness.


“You are here not to shrink down less, but to blossom into more of who you are really.” - Oprah

Natural small batch products inspired by, handcrafted by, and uplifting women!

Nourish + Soul was birthed after the founder, Maneke, attended a horticultural symposium at a local high school.  Two teenage girls presented about hand making soap with natural goat’s milk.  That presentation sparked an idea in Maneke that would later ignite the Nourish + Soul brand.

Nourish + Soul was inspired by the work of two brilliant young ladies, but it didn’t stop there.  Women are the inspiration behind every choice made in our brand.  We recognize that women are multi-faceted beings.

  • We crave a warm, luxurious bubble bath to erase the stress of the day. 

  • We look forward to making our skin glow with silky oils and creamy body butters.

  • We find comfort in natural scents and are loyal to the fragrance blend that fits our chemistry well.

  • We're self-care advocates because, without it, we couldn’t put our superhero cape on day after day.

Nourish + Soul provides women with high-quality handcrafted products that not only help our skin look great, but also strengthen our self-care routines and cultivate self-love. 

We have searched high and low; near and far, for the best women artisans of small batch body care products.

Nourish + Soul is girl power amplified!

Our Empowerment Pledge: Our Empowerment Pledge is our vow to only work with women artisans and where possible source from companies owned, operated, or vested in support of women business owners and suppliers.

We carried this pledge even further through our philanthropic efforts by supporting causes and organizations that work to empower women. A portion of EVERY product sold goes to the causes and organizations that share this mission. Be sure to check back with us as we'll be sharing more about our community efforts in the future.



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All Nourish + Soul decisions are made with the women we serve in mind. If you want your opinion to be heard, contact us to be a product tester. Free products delivered to your door before they’re released in store.  What could be better?

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